The Role of Support Programs Initiated by FASIE in Business Generation within the TUSUR UNIC

This article discusses the interaction of TUSUR University and the Federal Institute of Development «Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises at Science and Technology» (FASIE). The article specifically discusses the role of the FASIE support programs within the system developed by TUSUR UNIC (Russian acronym for “Network of Science-Intensive Companies”) for generation of new businesses. For this purpose, the article reviews the project-based group learning method developed and implemented in TUSUR in 2006. This educational approach is built in tune with the principles of international standards promoted by the CDIO Initiative. The authors conclude that FASIE manages to achieve its original mission in full, and offer their recommendations to assign new features to the federal support system to initiate a knowledge-based entrepreneurship.

Keywords: institute of development, shaping of entrepreneurial environment, CDIO standards, project-based group learning