Our History: from First Small Enterprise Set up by Lomonosov Moscow State University to Unichimtek Research and Production Association

Research and Production Association Unichimtek group was set up on the basis of the Lomonosov Moscow State University applied research laboratory and today possesses unique know-how and technologies of manufacturing the wide range of materials based principally on intercalated graphite for various applications. The company holds about 200 patents. Unichimtek products consumers include nuclear and thermal power plants, chemical, petrochemical, machine building and other companies, over 5.5 thousand consumers, including companies abroad. Successful co-operation with the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises at Science and Technology (FASIE) and other Institutes for development on every stage of Unichimtek history allowed the company to solve priority business issues and get to a new level. After company transition to medium business category the Foundation support continues to be relevant for small companies set up with Unichimtek group participation to develop promising business areas connected with new materials for new applications.

Keywords: intercalated combination of graphite, broadened graphite, energy, energy equipment, fireproof materials, aerospace industry, private-and-state research and development institute, material science, polymer composite, R&D