The Programme of Science and Technics Development is the Most Important Element for the Rostec's Innovation System

The article devotes to the Rostec's programme of science and technics development on long term. The authors shows the important of the programme for acceleration of science, technics and technology development in the Rostec's organizations. The programme has been weighty for support of high speed of build-up of the science, technics and technology resources. It will allow to creation competitive high technology industry products for industrial productions on domestic and abroad market. The authors indicate the place and the role of the programme in the Rostec's system of innovation development. The article is cited aims and tasks of the programme, its basis theses.

Keywords: innovation development, innovation system, science and technics development, technology development, science and technics activity, science, technics, technology, prognosis of development of science, technics and technology, priority of science, technics and technology development, innovation products, industrial basis technologies, critical technologies