Solving of Environmental Problems at Industrial Enterprises in the time of Cleaning and Defatting of Materials and Products

Reported on the innovation of the Russian Technologies State Corporation, aimed at addressing environmental security industries using degreasing operation, cleaning, re-activation of materials and products. The results of the first contest of its open innovation, as a result of which has been supported by the project "Natural Allergy-free" green "detergent" Ekoblesk "were involved investments of RVC Seed Fund. Anticipating the entry into force, the Federal Law № 584587-5 «On the new available technologies", the Corporation completed a number of activities to promote this product in their enterprises. The urgency of the transition from industrial detergents (SMS) to natural and challenges posed by SMS. Characteristics of natural detergent "Ekoblesk", by which it is supposed to solve some of the environmental problems at the industrial enterprises of the Corporation.

Keywords: synthetic and natural detergents, environmental safety, no toxicity for humans, raw material of phytogenous and natural origin, nonallergietion, green technology, multipurpose detergent