Russian Innovation Development in the Context of the Creation of the National System of Technology Foresight: Problems and Prospects

During the last decade new systems of strategic tools of science, technology and innovation (STI) policy have been established in many countries. Science and technology (S&T) Foresight in a variety of its forms and implementations is an integral part of these systems. The paper is devoted to the creation of the Russian system of technology Foresight. It provides a brief comparative analysis of S&T Foresight systems in different countries, their roles and practical applications in the government decision-making. The analysis of the Russian experience of S&T Foresight allows to identify major challenges and barriers for its use for designing government STI policy. The main aims, objectives and principles of the national system of technology Foresight are discussed.

Keywords: foresight, system of technology foresight, science technology foresight, innovation policy, science technology policy