Innovations №12 / 2013

State Corporation "Rostec": innovation as the basis of strategic development


  1. Innovations are the Basis for Strategy Development of the Rostec State Corporation
  2. Open Innovations. World Practice and the Rostec State Corporation's Experience
  3. The Programme of Science and Technics Development is the Most Important Element for the Rostec's Innovation System
  4. The Formation of the Continuous Education System in the Rostec State Corporation
  5. Topical Problems of the Innovation Sector Development in Russian Economy
  6. Russian Innovation Development in the Context of the Creation of the National System of Technology Foresight: Problems and Prospects
  7. Questions of Commercialization of Innovation Technologies on Defense-Industrial Enterprises
  8. Corporate Venturing is the Most Important Mechanism of Open Innovations
  9. Innovations is the basis for Present and Future Development of the Shvabe Optical Holding Company
  10. The Innovation Development Programme of the Kazan Helicopter Plant
  11. Development of the Mi-38 Innovative Competitive Helicopter
  12. The PD-14 Engine is Promising Future of the Russian Aviation Industry
  13. An Improvement of Commercialization Procedures of the Innovative Developments in the Aerospace Industry
  14. The Role of Marketing in Creation of Innovative Products for Civilian Purposes at the Military-Industrial Enterprises
  15. Formation of Clusters for the Domestic Microelectronics
  16. Formation and Development of Competence Centres and Technology Advantage in the Avionica Moscow Research and Production Complex JSC
  17. VNII INSTRUMENT JSC - the Centre of Ultra Precise Machine Tool Building and Unique Technologies of Nano Precise Machining
  18. Solving of Environmental Problems at Industrial Enterprises in the time of Cleaning and Defatting of Materials and Products
  19. The “ANGEL” is Automated Diagnostics Treatment System for Human Life Support
  20. Development and Implementation of a New Generation Resource-Saves Equipment Based on Eccentrically-Cycloidal (EC) Gearing