Commercialization of high-tech startup in Russia: video analytics system for poultry farming

Modern poultry farming requires ultimate automation, reliability and continuity of production processes, monitoring of broilers’ health and welfare, which can be provided with the help of video analytics systems that will help to identify, stop and prevent spread of diseases in the herd. In practical terms, this innovative entrepreneurial idea can be implemented by launching and commercializing a high-tech startup. Relevance. Most of high-tech startups are experiencing serious difficulties or are generally unsuccessful. At the same time, not many research papers are devoted to the commercial development of high-tech startups in Russia. And there are no any scientific papers related to the commercialization of Russian startups specializing in video analytics systems for poultry farms. This study was carried out in order to fix this situation. Purpose and research methods. The purpose of the study was to find possibilities for commercialization of Russian high-tech startup specializing in the development of video analytics for poultry. The implementation of this goal was based on meta-synthesis methodological principles of Sandelovsky and Barroso. Also, POCD complex and SWOT analysis as well as methods of system analysis, decomposition, abstraction and generalization were applied. Findings. Commercialization factors of innovative entrepreneurial ideas were selected, international experiences of commercialization of machine vision startups for animal husbandry were reviewed, the main problems were identified and certain measures were specified to promote and commercialize hightech startup specializing in video analytics systems for poultry farming in Russia. Practical significance. The current state and difficulties of startup specializing in video analytics systems for poultry farms implementing were considered, prospects for its development and commercialization opportunities were analyzed. Originality/value. The main aspects of machine vision technology application in poultry farming were discussed. The ways of development and directions of commercialization of high-tech startup being implemented in Russia were defined.

Keywords: computer vision, video analytics, high-tech startup, startup commercialization, innovative technology commercialization, poultry farming


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