Geoecological forecast: search for balance and harmony

The world community and the science are at a difficult and dramatic stage of development in search of a way to the human society further development. The problems of the relationship between nature, society and the economy have become a priority for geography and other sciences. Geography is faced with a task of great importance (a new platform of globalization) — the forecast of the human society future. The purpose of the work is to determine the necessary trajectories so that geography, together with geoecology, could create credible forecasts and models of the human civilization future, and become a driver of tangible positive changes. Geoecological forecasting forces the human community to reconsider the existing development models and engage in the creation of a reasonable society for the future. The necessary foundations of the world order should be based on the principles of coherence, co-evolution, co-creation, balance and harmony

Keywords: geography, geoecological forecast, geoecosociosystem, noosphere


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