Formation of the institutional infrastructure of patent research in the Russian Federation

The article analyzes the state of the institutional infrastructure of patent research in the Russian Federation in order to identify the possibilities of introducing modern patent analytics tools into the activities of various organizations. The main elements of this infrastructure have been identified and investigated, namely: specialists in this field; existing educational services in the field of patent analytics and construction of patent landscapes; sources of patent information, both commercial and free; organizations offering services for the construction of these landscapes. Publicly available databases are considered in detail with the aim of investigating the possibility of using a wide range of people. Comparison of the volume of structured data uploaded from the following public databases of patent information is carried out: Espacenet, Patentscope, Google Patents. The problems arising from the use of noncommercial databases of patent information are identified and the ways to overcome them are considered. The paper draws conclusions and suggestions that can be used in practice

Keywords: patent landscapes, patent analytics, patent research, patents, intellectual property, objects of intellectual rights, higher education, intellectual property management


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