High-tech industrial and services sectors in Tomsk region: analysis of data financial and statistic reporting for 2012-2016

Relevance of the work is due to the need for advanced development of high-tech industries and services in the regions of Russia, even in adverse economic conditions. The present article is a continuation of the work «High-tech industries and services of the Tomsk region: development efficiency in the turbulent economy». Its purpose is to evaluate the efficiency of enterprises in 2012-2016 according to federal statistics and financial statements of enterprises. The analysis is conducted for high-tech industries: «Production of electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment», sector of research and development, sector of information technology. The complex estimation of development of the enterprises goes in following directions: efficiency — estimation of result and its parity with the purposes; optimality — optimality of structure of system and processes proceeding in it; efficiency — parity of result and expenses of resources. Results. The growth of the performance indicator characterizing the shipment of innovative goods has been revealed, which indicates the importance and non-alternativeness of the innovative development of all the high-tech sectors under research. At an estimation of optimality, the major conclusion becomes obvious: processes of generation of again introduced goods are unstable or insufficient for all investigated hi-tech kinds of economic activities of the Tomsk region. Estimates of cost-effectiveness show serious advantages of the information technology sector in terms of profitability, which determines the investment attractiveness of this sector and opportunities for the generation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in it. The main conclusion. Comparison of data from financial statements of enterprises with data from federal statistics makes it possible to significantly complement and refine assessment of complex efficiency (efficiency, optimality, and cost-effectiveness) of high-tech sectors of industry and services under adverse economic conditions. At the same time, in terms of financial indicators, a more objective picture is given by the financial statements, but the innovative activity of enterprises makes it possible to assess only federal statistics

Keywords: hi-tech industries and services, efficiency of enterprises, federal statistics, financial reporting of enterprises, Tomsk region


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