Innovations № 4 / 2020


  1. Diamond industry - challenge from Russian innovation
  2. Evolution of priorities for scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation
  3. Investigation of the reasons for the slow implementation of modern concepts of production organization in the military-industrial complex
  4. Approaches to creating a methodology for determining the economic efficiency of search and fundamental works at the final stage of research
  5. Analysis of the development factors of the syndicate of the venture capital funds and corporate venture capitals
  6. Network concept of intelligent digital supply chain
  7. University competence centers — a tool for the development of the global scientific and educational area: Russian and international experience for the regions
  8. Innovative approach to the formation of complexes of control of the educational process on the economy of high technologies
  9. Experience in creating an integrated system of continuous professional education of engineering and technical workers for the enterprises of the of the defense-industrial complex
  10. Utility model as alternative to invention for legal protection of technical solutions
  11. Practice of patent analytics in formation of policies in the field of companies sustainable development
  12. High-tech industrial and services sectors in Tomsk region: analysis of data financial and statistic reporting for 2012-2016
  13. Improving information systems and digitalizing the work processes of the Territorial fund for compulsory medical insurance of the Leningrad region