Strategic analysis of the innovative design company management

Current trends in development of the higher education lead to activation of commercialization of research activity results obtained by universities. To this extents, universities become sources of scientific innovations; the implementation of these innovations is a subject of innovative process. Development of an innovation is a part of R&D process in the university. It is financed in accordance with the university’s financial and research plans similar to other scientific activities. A distinctive feature of financing is the scarcity of resources. The material base for R&D works is infrastructure of the university, ie its laboratories and personnel. This allows to organize R&D works with relatively low costs: wages of research fellows, amortization of laboratory equipment and administrative costs may be covered by university at the account of educational process or as costs of student in-service education programs. In this case, students are the best labor source in terms of cost to human capital ratio

Keywords: innovations, management, risks, commercialization, company


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