Innovative technologies in construction

The article contains description of "green technologies" concept in the construction, the Internet of things, "smart home", analyzes the existing definitions and introduces a new definition of these terms. The article represents important qualitative changes in the economy and organizational and technological transformations of production processes, which can stimulate the development of the Internet of Things projects. The market of Smart Home systems is described and the prospects for the Russian companies working in the sphere of information and communication technologies (ICT) developing and integrating the Internet of Things projects. The algorithm for calculating the cost of "smart home" systems and services is proposed to justify investment efficiency, which can be used when making decisions about investing. The authors reviewed the typical "smart home" system projects and revealed the dependence of the unit cost on the area of the object, defined the internal rate of return on investment (ROI) for the "smart home" project implementation at 50%

Keywords: Internet of Things, Smart Home, Smart Building, green technology, LPWA, projects evaluation, business profits, cost benefit analysis


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