Comparative analysis of the methods for assessing the project management effectiveness and assessment of the possibility of their application in agile projects

In this article was conducted a comparative analysis of existing methods for assessing the project management effectiveness, identified the key strengths and weaknesses of each method, as well as was created a conclusion about the overall level of study of the problem. The key features of the agile project management were identified. These features together with the results of comparative analysis have determined the criterial basis for assessing the possibility of applying these methods within the framework of agile project management. The results of the study demonstrated the limited scope of application of exiting methods for assessing the project management effectiveness of agile project management as well as identified the need to develop an adapted methodology that takes into account all the features of agile project management and best practice of existing approaches. The practical result of the work is a list of recommendations that must be taken into account when developing a method for assessing the agile project management effectiveness

Keywords: Project management, agile project management, comparative analysis, method for assessing project management effectiveness


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