Promising development of SPA «Impuls» for exploration and infrastructure progress of the Arctic zone

The world community is currently experiencing an era of rapid development of information technology. Information technologies have penetrated into all spheres of human activity. Actually, information technology determines the quality of goods, services, life and communications of each person. The Arctic zone is an important regional area for the strategic development of Russia, the expansion of its geopolitical role as a transcontinental transport corridor, the development of minerals and other natural resources. SPA «Impuls» is one of the leaders of the national defense industry. The company creates the complex geographically distributed systems exclusively on the domestic electronic component base, domestic materials, on algorithms and software of its own design. Universal open algorithms of systems developed by specialists of SPA «Impuls» on defense topics are successfully applied to civilian subjects and provide competitive advantages on the civilian market in terms of import substitution, reliability of operation, urvivability of systems in arduous operating conditions

Keywords: Arctic, SPA «Impuls», development of the Arctic zone


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