Innovations №11 / 2018


  1. Implementation of engineering projects on the basis of scientific production consortium. Example of project «Sledge» — from idea to product in four months
  2. Geo-strategic vector of development of the Arctic
  3. Arctic: military-strategic situation, main threats and ways of their parrying by Russia
  4. Innovative development of the arctic territories: motivations, factors and mechanisms
  5. «Smart» digitalization of local innovation ecosystems of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation
  6. Management of technological innovations for the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation
  7. Russia’s Northern regions as frontier territories: evaluation of demographic indicators and innovations in management
  8. New approaches to the development of the Russian Arctic: sustainable innovative development of collaborative local economies
  9. Innovation and investment in diamond mining in the Arctic
  10. Possibilities of technological integration and export of diamond-lonsdaleite material as high-tech national raw materials for global economics
  11. On the strategy of social and economic development of the Artcic region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  12. Innovation and technological potential of the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  13. Innovative approach to the further development of infrastructure facilities in the Arctic and the Arctic zone
  14. Creation of cold-resistant structural materials for the Arctic. Background story, application experience and present-day situation
  15. Transport and technological support of the Arctic regions of Russia on the basis of a systematic
  16. Proposals to create a geographically distributed communication system in the Arctic
  17. Global, geographically distributed, informationoperative network for control and management of forces and facilities in the Northern Hemisphere, including the Arctic region
  18. Promising development of SPA «Impuls» for exploration and infrastructure progress of the Arctic zone
  19. Access to the Internet with the help of an autonomous repeater
  20. Module of recognition of types and thicknesses of the underlying surface under the conditions of the Far North
  21. The technology of studying the frozen soil of the Russia permafrost zone by the electromagnetic fields attenuation