Social engineering in high school as a tool for entrepreneurial education

Modern engineering education must provide effective development of entrepreneurial values and capacities. One of the best instruments of development of these features are social project management and entrepreneurship. On one hand, socially oriented activities help students to form a necessary set of capabilities and skills for business career, and, on the other — social dimension of entrepreneurship currently constitute a substantial factor of business success. Finally, social project management is one of the few means of student’s involvement into practical entrepreneurship at early stages of career, when access to research labs is still limited. This article reviews the three-year long experience of integration of social project management and entrepreneurship and means of entrepreneurial education at ITMO University in Saint-Petersburg. This experience is a clear case of integration of teaching and innovation activities of the university, that allows to raise the practical dimension of quality education. As a result, graduating students receive good competitive advantages at the labor market.

Keywords: management in higher education, project management in universities, social projects, social entrepreneurship, innovations in higher education


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