Innovations №2 / 2016


  1. Space: Results of 2015
  2. Center for Open Innovation state corporation «Rostec» — a new tool for the implementation of open innovation mechanisms
  3. The program «Commercialization» — assistance in the creation and expansion production of high-tech products
  4. Russian Engineering Academy — clusters of life
  5. Natural raw plus innovative approach
  6. A Quarter of Century
  7. Organization of innovative activity of students in regional high school using the program's features «UMNIK»
  8. On the implementation of Tomsk universities and industry partner complex projects related to the creation of high-quality production
  9. On National Report on Innovations in Russia 2015
  10. Optimal proportions of R&D sector in Russia and its regions compared to foreign countries
  11. Innovative processes in the former Soviet Union in the context of globalization
  12. Methodical tools of formation and implementation of hi-tech innovative projects in the social sphere
  13. Social engineering in high school as a tool for entrepreneurial education
  14. The concept of development of a functionally complete innovation system of a university
  15. Legislative actions of research universities in Kazakhstan
  16. Methodical approach to quality management of hightech innovative projects in the social sphere
  17. Justification of initial (maximum) price of the project (lot price) in the implementation of Federal target programs in the field of scientific research and development
  18. Informational and analytical system for strategic management of innovative development of subject of economy
  19. Spatial development of ports