Organization of innovative activity of students in regional high school using the program's features «UMNIK»

The paper states that at the present stage of development of the education system the highest level of cognitive activity of students is to participate in the scientific-research work and organized scientific research. It allows teachers to conduct the selection of students prone to scientific-research activities, and helps students to realize their creative potential. Noting that the preparation and implementation of projects under the program «UMNIK». It allows you to form a very important additional standards to the socio-personal competencies within the framework of creative learning techniques. The features of the preparation and implementation of the two projects — the winners «UMNIK» — heat-electrics generator based on samarium monosulfide and LED for greenhouses. As a result, it is determined that the most important condition of excellence is an independent implementation of student research and participation in innovative activities for the implementation of the results from the generation of ideas to the issue and sale of the final product.

Keywords: innovations, scientific-research work of students, competition «UMNIK»


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