A new look at the concept and features of economic contradictions

The aim is to study the nature and characteristics of economic contradictions, an attempt to take another look at them and understand the process of interaction of elements of contradictions. Evaluation of opinions of scientists about the essence of the contradictions allowed to cast doubt on the use of economic contradictions based on the logical and philosophical approach. A new understanding of the «contradiction» and the terms «economic contradiction». Their newness is basing on the third law of mechanics of Newton; the allocation of two kinds of counteractions: unexpected or expected but unavoidable in the current environment; designation of properties such counteractions: negative, significant and active; recognition that between the initial and final object is always a subject-object scope of amending the original impulse. It demonstrates a general algorithm for the formation of contradictions. When studying the new position of a number of contradictions in the real economy, they revealed the new features. The article used the abstract-logical method

Keywords: economic controversy, specificity and elements of the contradictions in the economy


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