Innovations №10 / 2016


  1. Foundation to promote innovation: many years of experience and new challenges
  2. How to build up and develop more high-quality projects
  3. «Development-NTI» — a new competition to promote innovation fund for the implementation of the National Technology Initiative
  4. Academic science — from the national innovation system in the economy and the knowledge society
  5. About personnel potential of innovative development of science, professional education and the economy
  6. Behavioral models of enterprises using external and internal R&D for innovation activity
  7. The digital divide between countries of the Eurasian economic space in the conditions of hypercompetition
  8. Analysis of processes of development of innovative activity in the Russian Federation
  9. Enhancement of research and development programs evaluation methodology in the light of international experience
  10. A new look at the concept and features of economic contradictions
  11. The Assessment of University and Business Cooperation
  12. Improving the mechanism of financing of innovative projects in the form of the creation and development of start-ups
  13. Staffing of knowledge management in innovation economy
  14. Technology and Innovation in Russian Mass Media
  15. Mathematical model of search for the optimal variant of public funding of innovative economy development of a region
  16. Forecasted estimates of changes in the structure of sources of investment for financing innovative activities
  17. Innovation and technology management in the organization of high-tech industry
  18. Inertial management model innovation clusters
  19. Innovative technique of efficiency assessment of investment projects (tentative example)