«Sosny» Research & Development Company: innovative solutions to the security of the nuclear industry

Like many companies, «Sosny» was established in the early 1990s to compensate for the lost in the transition from socialism to capitalism capabilities ensure the activities of research institutions. The first task of the company was shipping spent fuel from Russian nuclear power stations in the post-irradiation studies in materials science complex Institute of Atomic Reactors (Dimitrovgrad). To solve this problem has been assembled a small team of enthusiasts — professionals from various organizations of the former Ministry of Medium Machine Building. After that, there were attempts to implement projects in various sectors of the economy, but all successful connected with nuclear energy. Significant development of the company has received, taking part in two major projects: the joint Russian-American program of return of spent nuclear fuel from research reactors of Russian foreign production and elimination of the consequences of the incident with the destruction of spent fuel assemblies in one of the foreign nuclear power plants. Today the «Sosny»: creates electric drums, cameras and boxes with an inert medium; develops and manufactures equipment for the removal of substandard spent nuclear fuel reactor for processing; preparing a floating technical base «Lepse» for the removal of spent nuclear fuel; develops equipment for the manufacture and processing of spent nuclear fuel; decommissioning of nuclear fuel cycle facilities overseas; produces vehicles for the transport of containers with spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste; develops and manufactures stands inspection of fuel assemblies in pools of nuclear power plants. The company has its own production plant equipment. For 6 years, the number of employees increased by 10 times and, consequently, increased financial turnover.

Keywords: innovation, nuclear power, the spent nuclear fuel, spent fuel assemblies, radioactive waste, nuclear accidents, recycling spent nuclear fuel, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, nuclear power plants, research reactors, research and development