Oil, gold, demantoids

Corporation «Mayak» (Ekaterinburg) is traditionally associated with the real estate — the company engaged in construction of residential and commercial facilities owne by its more than 200 thousand sq. m. The area designated for own use and renting. In 1990-ies. Corporation «Mayak» opened at Sverdlovsk Sylow field gold deposit, which is to is still the only one in the world where the precious metal produced by deep leaching. The corporation also «Mayak» is engaged in mining demantoid — semi-precious stones, which are colors like emeralds, but «the game» as diamonds. Since 2011, the corporation «Beacon» produces unique nye hydraulic actuators Deep Well pump «Heron» to significantly reduce cost of oil.

Keywords: Corporation «Mayak, construction, mine, gold, demantoids, oil, investment, import substitution, export, «Rosneft», «Tatneft», «Lukoil»