Innovations №12 / 2015


  1. "The company creates innovative products BIOCAD"
  2. Power-plant engineering Urals expanding markets
  3. SKB Kontur: allowing the company to maintain high growth rates?
  4. High draft ORPE «Technologiya» define the future of Russia
  5. Intelligence on the protection of health
  6. «Drug safety is only possible if the critical technologies inside the country»
  7. General Director of Micran Vladimir Dotsenko:" Innovation - our way to tehuspehu "
  8. Oil, gold, demantoids
  9. «Sosny» Research & Development Company: innovative solutions to the security of the nuclear industry
  10. Bet on the quality and the search for new technical solutions
  11. Vector of aeronautic engineering — the creation of new transport airships
  12. In focus — the development of domestic and raw materials
  13. Development of Russian electronic document management systems and workflow management: experience and innovation of i-Sys
  14. Experience in the operation and increase the capacity of Russia's first industrial biogas plant. The benefits of recycling through fermentation biogas plant
  15. Innovation activity, as one of the main factors of competitiveness
  16. "SimbirSoft 'aims to develop
  17. Omsk "Biocomplex": the cluster approach
  18. At the forefront of tool market in Russia
  19. Innovative company — JSC «Katod»
  20. Products meet international standards
  21. A small innovative enterprise: the possibility of the development of the technology and scale of business
  22. Innovative solution to ensure biosafety of the air using Russian air decontamination technology «Potok»
  23. Create feature-rich silicate enamel coatings: from theory to practice
  24. Development of monitoring systems on the basis of tags and sensors based on surface acoustic waves
  25. JSC «Podolsk Machine-Building Plant» in the program of innovative technology and import substitution
  26. Robotic systems and universal modules avtopilotirovaniya to address contemporary household and industrial applications
  27. Development helio bike models "SW Tourist" and "HR Record"