Experience in the operation and increase the capacity of Russia's first industrial biogas plant. The benefits of recycling through fermentation biogas plant

The organic waste processing method, which has come into widespread acceptance in both developed and third world countries, called methanogenic or biogas fermentation is still poorly spread in Russia. Nevertheless, the problem of waste processing in our country is an extremely acute problem. The reason of such low interest level for biogas could be closely related with lack of information on this waste treatment method for people and heads of agricultural enterprises. In this article, I will share the experience on operation and installed capacity increase of the first and the largest industrial biogas power plant in Russia. Moreover, I will try to explain what is recycling on a biogas plant, «biogas» and how to turn waste into fertilizers, electricity and heat by the means of microorganisms, invisible for the naked eye.

Keywords: biogas, waste treatment, methane, fertilizer, electricity, thermal energy, micro-organisms, archaea