JSC «Podolsk Machine-Building Plant» in the program of innovative technology and import substitution

The paper describes the design of the boiler E-820-13,8-560 BT with an innovative circular furnace and the results of its testing and operation for 52 thousand. Hours on the Novo-Irkutsk Thermal Power Station. It is noted that the boiler meets the stated performance and can carry a load of long non-slag mode. It is proposed to use such circular furnace boiler for new units of 200 MW or more, and when they are installed in an existing cell, instead of the end of their life boilers. It is recommended to design and construction, and research on the use of an annular combustor ramjet in boilers for more powerful units (330-800 MW). An annular combustor to reduce the height of the boiler by 40%, consumption of furnace tubes by 15% and the yield of NOx in 2 times up to 400 mg/m3 only furnace process. By using a feed nozzle upper part of the furnace of hot air at 10% of the total air flow to the boiler (tertiary air blast) from a boiler outlet NOx is reduced to 300 or less mg/m3 for fuel combustion with a high content of nitrogen. When burning fuels nobler NOx output may be well below 300 mg/m3. The description of the designs of waste heat boilers for gas-turbine units, dry fan cooling towers for large units, as well as round and rectangular stop-regulating valves for dust- and weatherproof tracts of large cross section, made of their own engineering without the involvement of foreign companies in order of import substitution.

Keywords: boiler with an innovative circular furnace, import substitution, waste heat boilers, dry cooling towers, valves dust- and weatherproof paths


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