A small innovative enterprise: the possibility of the development of the technology and scale of business

In article such nation-wide problem as increase of a resource of details, the knots and mechanisms used in various industries due to increase of their wear resistance is designated. Are shown to the opportunity which doesn’t have analogs in the world of new technology of creation of mineral layers on the metal surface giving to working surfaces of details such new properties as wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasive firmness, decrease in coefficient of friction. Details NPO “Geoenergetika” well work with mineral coatings in sea water, salt fog, hydrogen sulfide, the increased humidity, abrasive dust, other hostile environment, at thermocyclic loadings in the wide range of temperatures. Features of technology of creation of mineral coatings by small enterprise, segments of the market on which the technology and perhaps active use, possibilities of scaling, new objects of application is already used are analyzed. The particular emphasis is placed on research of parameters of the created mineral layers and process of commercialization of technology. On concrete examples the significant role of such institute of development as the Russian fund of assistance to development of the enterprises of small forms in the scientific and technical sphere for support of small innovative business in real sector of economy is shown.

Keywords: innovations, technology of mineral coatings, wear resistance, small enterprise, commercialization


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