"SimbirSoft 'aims to develop

The company "SimbirSoft" based in Ulyanovsk in 2001 and specializes in custom software development and the creation of dedicated development center for clients from Russia, USA, Japan and European countries. In 2015 the company became the winner of the national ranking Russian high-tech growth companies "TehUspeh-15." During his 14 years in the IT-market, the company created the IT-solutions and software products for these known brands such as Kimberly Clark, Sankyo and many other world leaders. Our projects have been used in health care, construction, education, banking, oil and other industries. The company is considered one of the leaders of the innovation market. Among the achievements "SimbirSoft" and the inclusion in the list of the world's largest software company, and the provision of services «Software 500". World Rankings published the influential magazine «Software magazine» for key senior executives and is designed to help make informed decisions when choosing a service company. In the 2015, many IT-industry giants, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, HP, EMC, SAP, Apple, and other well-known companies. Since its inception in the IT-industry "SimbirSoft" was aimed at the international market. The first contract was signed with a company from Japan «Logitech». "SimbirSoft" annually demonstrate strong growth, the number of companies exceeded 230 employees. "SimbirSoft" is an expert in developing in Java, C ++, C #, PHP, Objective-C / Swift, JavaScript, bitrix, as well as the creation of cross-platform integration solutions. The company has experience in the creation of complex mobile, desktop and high-loaded web solutions. By the decision of non-standard tasks involved experts from different technological areas. Significant experience has been gained in the development of projects highload, cloud solutions and bigdata.