Reconfigurable research and production chainand management of scientific and technical ceramics production chain

This work is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of building a strategy of technological development of the company or a particular industry based on exposure to the elements of scientific production chain of the industry or technology. This work is not aimed at the study of modern practices and standards process control, such as ISO-9000, GMP, GLP, GCP, MRP II, APICS and others.Objective: to find non-standard methods management of the company to develop new materials (for example, technical ceramics). Novelty: the proposed approaches represent a relatively new class of management science and production chain enterprise or industry. This method is based on research opportunities segmentation of production chains and their varying elements to achieve optimum research and production strategies.The literature in this area is represented by such areas as management and strategy development technologies based on ceramics [14, 15], a comparative case-study of various ceramic technologies and their applications in various industries [1-3].

Keywords: advanced (technical) ceramics, research and manufacturing chain, cost reduction, bio ceramics, natural resources extraction