Innovations №2 / 2015


  1. SZRTS Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" has opened a new testing facility
  2. Space: Results 2014
  3. Innovative mechanisms for implementation of demands for flight safety enhancement
  4. On joint programs of additional professional education of the Ministry of defense and the militaryindustrial complex
  5. On assessment innovation university: international and domestic experience of forming a systemof indicators
  6. Technology platform in the engineering economics of industrial innovation and development of energy
  7. Current challenges and the knowledge economy:challenges and opportunities
  8. Modernization of the methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the Federal target program«Research and development on priority directions of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020» with the help of device evaluation f
  9. Strategic groups matrices: from «old» criticism to new dimensions
  10. Crowdfunding: online charity or a modern tool for innovative projects investment?
  11. Operational practice of innovation activity regulation and the concept of microsystems of innovation
  12. Innovative approach in use of the fuel obtained from biogas
  13. Conceptual approaches to development of modern logistics
  14. Reconfigurable research and production chainand management of scientific and technical ceramics production chain
  15. Competitiveness of engineering projects and their role in creating innovation
  16. Intellectual property management model in theSiberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  17. Method of interated account of innovation project’s risks
  18. Development of an algorithm for automatic calculation of retail prices of goods in the information system taking into account the fluctuationsof currency exchange rates
  19. Universal information system architecture as an innovative approach to public services informatization
  20. Some promising development trends of informational support of life cycle of complicated technical systems