Innovative approach in use of the fuel obtained from biogas

This paper presents the approach implementation results in the use of non-standard hydrogenous fuel with a residual content of methane obtained from biogas. The possibility of the fuel system operation in an efficient mode is confirmed. The advisability of using a considerable potential«weak» biogas with a relatively low concentration of organic components as a potential energy resource is shown. The energetic potential of purge fuel flow considerably increases with increase in the content of methane in initial fuel that can increase the total effective efficiency of use of non-standard gas mixture with residual methane content. Fuel cell at operation on non-standard fuel plays the role of the separation system, identifies two streams of energy, allowing to realize the electrical and thermal component in the specified mode of fuel use. The use of relatively cheap hydrogen-fuel derived from biogas from local secondary renewable resources can contribute to the creation of autonomous systems of power supply.

Keywords: waste, biogas, reformer, hydrogenous fuel, fuel cell, electric energy, heat energy, energy efficiency