Internationalization of Regional Clusters in Russia: Empirical Study

The article presents the results of regional clusters` internationalization empirical study. It is the first study of such kind, conducted in Russia. The economic globalization increase, on the one hand, and deepening of competitive advantage localization, on the other, has made this issue gain importance first in the EU and then in Russia. According the Russian Ministry of Economic Development (2008), with domestic clusters being included in the global value-added chains it will be possible to significantly raise the national technology base level, increase the pace and quality of economic progress due to the international competitiveness boost of the clusters` members. The research aims to provide an insight into regional clusters` internationalization process, including needs, strategies, barriers, enablers and management. The results of the study make up the basis for creating Clusters` Internationalization Guide for Russian regions.

Keywords: internationalization of clusters, regional cluster, glocalization, competitiveness, cluster policy