Innovations №4 / 2014


  1. We Must Go to Mars for Defending the Earth
  2. Practical experience of the interaction of the defense industrial complex innovation center «Skolkovo»
  3. Reductor-PM JSC. Technologies of Development
  4. The Experience of Training for Basic Enterprise
  5. Our Experience in Organization of Small Innovative Enterprises
  6. To the Question of Formation of the Innovative Infrastructure in the Region. Problems and their Solutions Based on the Example of the Business-Incubator at Lobachevsky State University in Nizhny Novgorod
  7. Entropic Dominant of Global and Russian Financial and Economic System
  8. Status and Outlook of the Theory of Innovations Based on the System Theory
  9. Competitiveness and Specialization of Russian Sectoral Innovative System in Nanotechnology
  10. Priorities of State Innovation Policy in Science Technology Sector in Russia and Competitiveness Improvement of Manufacturing
  11. Efficiency as Optimality: Russian Manufacturing Structure Optimization
  12. The Economy of Research and Development: Evolution of Views and Modernity
  13. The Patent Logistic System as Basis for the Innovative System
  14. The Interrelation between Company Size and Innovative Behavior
  15. Internationalization of Regional Clusters in Russia: Empirical Study
  16. The Role of Purpose-Oriented Comprehensive Programmes in Effectiveness Increase of Socio-Economic Development of the Region
  17. The New EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation: Generous Funding in Hard Time
  18. Investigation of International Cooperation Partnerships Countries Participation, Including Russia, India, Brazil and China, in the 7th Framework Programme for 2007-2012
  19. Public-Private Partnerships in Information and Communication Technologies of the Republic of Moldova
  20. Approaches to the Development of Business Models for Small Innovative Companies
  21. Intellectual Property Management in Industrial Enterprises as a Component of Innovation Management