About Possibility of Increase of Innovative Products Stake in the Export of Russia

In the development of the Russian foreign trade was a significant structural, resource imbalance in the economy over the past two decades, largely the result of subordination of domestic policy requirements of foreign capital and foreign markets. Low diversification of Russian exports - one of the most acute problems of the domestic economy. Analysis of Russian export of recent years shows a marked predominance in its commodity structure of production of extractive industries. The share of high technology products, machinery and equipment in Russian export decreased significantly. Important theoretical and practical aspects of economic development and diversification of the export potential of Russia is its relationship with the innovative development. More significant role of Russia in the global division of labor and international trade can only be as a result of sensible policies point transformation system include the development of innovative and productive potential of the economy.

Keywords: export, innovative products, diversification, machines, raw material, equipment, export potential