Public-Private Partnership: the Evaluation of Parity Interaction between Participants of Innovative Projects

The paper proposes an approach to the evaluation of parity participation of economic agents in public-private partnership (РРР) using the methodology of project analysis. We describe a simulation model of the innovative project including a detailed presentation of cash flows for the participants of PPP. The main scenarios are taken into account in the verification of the model. Traditional efficiency indicators of the participation in PPP are considered in a project of nanoceramics. Methodical aspects of calculating the parity participation for agents of PPP proposed and used in the calculations for the applied discount rate change scenario. High budget implementation efficiency is characteristic of this innovative project. Prospects of the approach to the evaluation of parity participation in the PPP are identified by taking into account the impact of economic and institutional parameters on the calculation of the financial and economic efficiency for agents of PPP.

Keywords: high technology, nanoceramics, public-private partnership, project analysis, parity, scenarios