The results of 2012: space

The article resumes the results of 55th space years. It narrates about happened important events as the North Korea progress in a start of own satellite, work of American space apparatus «Curiosity» on Mars’s atmosphere research, starts of science research by probes GRAIL-A (Ebb) and GRAIL-B (Flow) to the Moon’s orbit, a flight of the Chinese spaceship «Shenzhou» and its successful doking with the orbital module «Tiangong-1», the Chinese interplanetary probe «Chang’E-1» mission to take photographs of Toutatis asteroid photos, a start of commercial exploitation of transport ships «Dragon», a finish of American interplanetary probe «Down» work on the asteroid «Vesta» researches and a start of asteroid «Ceres» researches, exit of the interplanetary probe «Voyager-1» to the Solar system limit.

Keywords: space, International Space Station, celestial crane technology, fast pilotage scheme