Innovations №2 / 2013


  1. The results of 2012: space
  2. Modern challenges of innovation development of university (illustrated by the example of the Кazan state national research technical university named after A.N. Tupolev)
  3. Problems of transformation of rental-resources model of Russian economy
  4. Comparison of electric power prices for industrial consumers in Russia and other countries
  5. Technology Platforms and Innovation Clusters in Russia: Together or Separately?
  6. Evaluating the Performance of Innovative Regions in Russia
  7. High-tech industries, the innovation system and the economic security in Russia
  8. Partnership interaction as small innovative business competitiveness factor: empirical study
  9. Problems and prospects of public-private partnerships at Russia’s market of venture capitals
  10. Formation of innovation cluster of light industry companies based on specialized industrial park as a tool for effective forms of organizational development
  11. International Activities Management for the University Social Space Development
  12. European experience of cluster internationalization for improving national competitiveness
  13. Experience in quantitative analysis of the development of transport infrastructure in example of MEDA countries
  14. Strategic competitiveness of enterprises and the estimation of the level of innovations
  15. About management of effectiveness in innovation activities
  16. New technology of formation of the assortment matrix in the enterprise of the light industry
  17. Using of the analytical hierarchical procedure method for the supplier selection
  18. Material Remuneration to the Developers of Innovations