Financial applications of online social networks and media: problems and prospects

A promising direction in the transformation of online social networks and media (OSNEM) is the inclusion of financial services in the scope of their activities by embedding financial applications into them. Such a transition allows social networks, financial intermediaries, and clients to solve a whole range of tasks: increase the scale of OSNEM monetization, retain users in social networks and increase network traffic, provide network users with financial services in the process of network communications «one-stop shop», expand the client base of financial organizations. Recommender systems (RSs) form the backbone of financial applications. The effectiveness of their work largely depends on the collection and optimization of data, as well as the speed and completeness of response to network user requests. The article presents a brief overview of the main ways of solving these problems from the institutional and innovative points of view; new approaches to optimizing recommendations and assessing the creditworthiness of network users are proposed.

Ключевые слова: online social networks and media, financial applications, recommender systems, financial intermediations, optimization data

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