Promotion of small and medium high-tech innovative enterprises of Russia to the global technology market

The leading role of technological markets in the global economic system and the need for technological modernization of Russia are shown. The practice of implementing innovations by large, medium and small businesses, as well as the peculiarities of technology as a type of product on the market, is considered. The factors influencing the price of technology are considered. The key factors influencing the successful entry of high-tech innovative firms and enterprises to the global market are identified and measures for their improvement are proposed. The measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises and their promotion to the global market during the implementation of the National Project «Small and Medium Enterprises and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives» are given. The experience of organizing and operating hightech innovative enterprises and firms successfully operating in the global market is considered

Keywords: high-tech innovative firms, small and medium-sized enterprises, technology, global market, Russian technology market, Russian national project


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