Innovative development of the Northern Regions of the Resource Type

The article is devoted to the study of the problems of innovative development of the Northern Regions of the Resource Type (NRRT). Questions of definition and identification of regions of the Far North to resource types are studied. The resource dependence of the regions of the Far North was evaluated, based on the analysis of which the criteria for assigning 8 subjects of the Russian Federation to the SRRT were determined. Presents the results of innovative development NRRT based on the analysis of the innovation infrastructure entities and innovative profile, which allow to reveal the peculiarities of the innovation system in each region and identify the strengths and weaknesses of its innovative development. Based on the analysis of the dynamics of changes of main indicators for the period 2010–2018, the histogram of the innovation profile and the current state of innovation infrastructure, the authors propose a classification NRRT the level of development of the regional innovation system

Keywords: Far North, northern regions of resource type, innovative development, indicators, innovative infrastructure, innovative profile, classification


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