The realities of the system of public procurement of scientific and technological products

The article is devoted to the problems faced in practice by customers and performers, when working on Federal laws № 44-FZ and № 223-FZ. During the study, a survey of representatives of both sides of the procurement (customers and suppliers) was conducted, followed by an analysis and synthesis of the data. It is shown that the legitimate implementation of these laws leads to the fact that customers in particularly important sectors of economic activity have difficulties with the purchase of quality products. At the same time, there are serious barriers to participation in the public procurement system of small and medium-sized independent producers of scientific and technological products. It can be argued that the existing procurement system cannot meet the objectives of creating and meeting the state demand for scientific and technological products. Moreover, this system provokes the development of corruption and causes significant economic damage to the state. A number of ways to improve the situation are proposed

Keywords: public procurement, basic lows, scientific and technological sphere, low quality of purchased goods, high barriers to competition


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