The use of marketing information systems in territory management

Marketing information flows constitute an integral part of the national information system of the Russian Federation. The gathering and processing of information on the development of the country territories is carried out at the levels of institutions, cities, regions as well as at the federal level. Each of them shall ensure the submission of primary information to an appropriate authority with a possible feedback available to obtain any required information. Nowadays the reduction of such structures is noted in the public administration system due to developing the mechanism for the provision of electronic public services to the population. Therefore, the genesis of marketing information systems and the establishment of possibilities for using modern marketing information systems by governmental authorities become especially relevant. Marketing information systems are elaborated for specific management needs; they may include quite a different number of subsystems and their functions. The conversion of data on the socio-economic status of territories to electronic form has caused the reduction of the personal communication role with the increasing importance of digital technologies in the management of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, urban districts and municipal divisions. The opportunities have been extending for the assessment of their development aimed at identifying and stimulating those territories, which have reached the best values of the population life quality rating taking into account individuals’ interests and wishes. Such an approach determines the formation of individual competitive advantages for each territory, the content of their development strategies, peculiarities of the cooperation of administrations of regions, urban districts and municipal divisions with investors. All the foregoing enables us to make the conclusion about the practical implementation of the territorial marketing concept

Keywords: marketing information, marketing information system, decision making support system, model, subsystems


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