About the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

The development of the Arctic zone of Russia has been declared one of the priority directions of Russia’s development in the coming years. To discuss the problems of development and search for a modern model of state administration in the Arctic territories, forums are regularly held where all parties interested in the development of the Arctic come together. At the end of 2018, two forums were traditionally held in St. Petersburg: the VI International Arctic Legal Forum «Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Arctic: Legal Aspects» initiated by the administration of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and the VIII International Forum «The Arctic: Present and Future» held by the Interregional Public Organization «Association of polar explorers». The most discussed issues were the legislative regulation of the development of the Arctic, since the lack of full-fledged legislation has become a brake on the development of the Arctic zone. Considerable attention was paid to the development of the Northern Sea Route, the creation of conditions for the population in the Arctic zone, the development of technology and the digital economy, the preservation of the traditional way of life and economic activities of the indigenous peoples of the North. The article presents the most significant conclusions and recommendations on the issues discussed

Keywords: Forum, Arctic, Northern Sea Route, standard of living, digital economy, peoples of the North


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