Legislative barriers to conducting innovative activity in Russia: results of a study

This paper is a continuation of a previously published paper [3]. The participants of the innovation process consider imperfection of the legislation, regulating the innovation activity, as one of the major limiting factors in the development of innovative economy in Russia. However, the literature does not reflect the results of empirical studies showing what exactly the problems are, preventing the development of innovative activity in Russia. In this regard, this article presents the results of an empirical study of topical issues in Russian legislation that hamper the development of innovative business in Russia. The results were obtained in a survey of 88 representatives of participants in the innovation business system from 4 cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Nizhny Novgorod. The survey touched on the themes of intellectual property protection, R&D commercialization, participation in the public procurement system, investment and finance, taxation and customs control. The results obtained testify that, despite the possibility for further improvements in the field of innovative entrepreneurship legislation, the main problems of innovative business development arise from weak innovation policy at the federal and regional levels and the lack of a holistic approach to the development of innovative entrepreneurship

Keywords: innovation entrepreneurship, legislative obstacles, Russia


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