Innovations №12 / 2016


  1. The mechanism of increasing the number of innovative products through the coordination of investments at various stages of the innovation cycle
  2. VOENMECH’S "rocket-building" department is system-building, forming the main directions in training missile specialists
  3. On innovation paradigm and positive use of social and personal potential
  4. Legislative barriers to conducting innovative activity in Russia: results of a study
  5. The time to gather innovations
  6. Research activity and effectiveness of forms of interaction between universities and companies
  7. The establishment of the legal framework of innovation policy in the use of space systems and complexes for commercial and dual-use in the interests of ensuring defense and security of the Russian Federation
  8. Strategy of innovation development the human capital of agricultural sector of Russia
  9. Improving economic assessment methodology basic research
  10. Methodology of statistical measurement and evaluation of innovations in the industry
  11. Creating innovation and international trade: cause or consequence?
  12. Analysis of russian innovation sphere using the coefficient of innovation intensity
  13. The system of scientific and educational process for training
  14. Innovative Instrumentation cluster in St. Petersburg: myth or reality?
  15. Institutional aspects of the promotion of innovative project to the market
  16. The model of studying R&D – marketing integration effectiveness during New Product Development
  17. On the possibility of using mathematical programming to optimize the funding of target programs by reducing the overall volume of budget financing
  18. «Innoterms» as a tool to overcome the translational barrier arising between participants of the innovation process