Methodology of statistical measurement and evaluation of innovations in the industry

In article the main problems of creation of informative system of indicators of innovative development of the industry are revealed and the directions of improvement of methodology of statistical measurements of innovations in an industrial complex of Russia are designated. When carrying out research the complex of the empirical and general scientific methods of the economic analysis which are mutually supplementing each other was applied. In work limiters of creation of system of indicators of innovative development of the industry to which are carried are allocated: an illegibility of the definitions used when carrying out statistical measurements; a possibility of use of indicators for hit in the international innovative ratings; depreciation of indicators and destruction of their interrelations in connection with change of political views on economic processes. Conditions of carrying out an assessment of innovations in the industry in parameters are defined: completeness, accuracy, comparability and complexity of information; regularity of carrying out supervision. As a result of the carried-out research the directions of improvement of methodology of carrying out statistical measurements of innovations in the industry are designated: ensuring methodological unity of statistical measurements; increase of flexibility of system; improvement of methods of measurement and studying of interrelation of increase of innovative activity in the industry with growth of level of social and economic development of regions and the enterprises; achievement of completeness and reliability of information; expansion of publicity of statistics. Within the set directions methodical approaches to carrying out statistical measurements of innovations in the industry are offered. Results of research are reported by authors at a meeting of Section of statistics of real sector of economy of Scientific and methodological council of Rosstat and can be used for modernization of the existing methodology of statistical changes in the industry

Keywords: innovation, industry, statistical measurement, methodology, evaluation conditions


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