Key moments in the development and problems of the scientific sphere of Republic of Moldova

The development of the scientific sphere is analyzed in this article since the adoption of the Code on Science and Innovation (2004).Reforms that have taken place in the field of research and innovation through the adoption of Code on Science and Innovation, have played a positive role in preventing degradation and revival of science, in some aspects, have exhausted their potential. On the background of the continuing decline in funding in recent years failed to prevent the reduction of staff in the field of science and innovation, which is accompanied by its «aging». In recent years, renovation of scientific equipment located in equipping of organizations in the field of science and innovation was slowed also, which influenced at the scientific results.

Keywords: management of science and innovation, scientific potential in the field of research and development, funding for science and innovation, the relationship with the main results of organizations of research and development, transparency in the evaluation of scientific journals