Innovations №6 / 2014


  1. The first forum of young scientists U-NOVUS held in Tomsk
  2. Reasonable industrial policy is necessary and possible
  3. Analysis of the development of innovative entrepreneurship in higher education (for example, Kazan National Research TechnicalUniversity n. a. A. N. Tupolev - KAI)
  4. History of «Open Source»
  5. Draft Decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. comment specialist
  6. St. Petersburg Strategy:towards the knowledge economy
  7. Innovative component of Russia's economic security
  8. Cluster policy and its regional dimension(Germany’s experience)
  9. Content and value concepts: marketing innovation, marketing innovation, marketing innovation
  10. Quality management system as a tool for improvement university activities (experience of Tver State University)
  11. Issues of training the workforce for innovative development the economyof the Russian Far-East regions
  12. Student business-incubator as a part of university innovation system
  13. Assessment of innovative activities in Belarus in the context of European innovation indicators
  14. Human resources outsourcing an innovative tool of labor market development in the Republic of Moldova
  15. Key moments in the development and problems of the scientific sphere of Republic of Moldova
  16. Use of information systems for the effective management of the educational processin a technical university
  17. Analytical tool for the technical audit of the company
  18. ABC analysis as a basis for solving the optimization problem of the warehouse
  19. High frequency of electrotechnology. Status, Problems and Prospects. (№2)
  20. Polyurethane coatings for corrosion protection of metal structures