Russia Needs New Industry Policy

In 2008 Almaz Antey JSC starts the project forming and developing the industry and technological complex for high tech products of special purpose and civil products at Saint Petersburg. It is the Northwest Regional Centre. The Almaz Antey JSC's four enterprises have being transfered from historical centre of Saint-Petersburg to the Obukhovo plant's territory. The enterprises are All-Russian scientific Research Institute of Radio Equipment awarded with the Order of Red Banner (JSC «VNIIRA»), Construction Bureau of Special Purpose JSC, Plant of Radio Engineering JSC, Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time JSC. The transfer will release more 48 hectare in the centre of the town that can be use for important social projects. General volume of investment to the building is more 20 billion rubles, 12 billion rubles is drawn. The project is financed the Bank VTB and own money of enterprises. Until 2015 it will built the modern industry construction technopark with 300 thousand square kilometers. The modernization and innovative approach to industry tasks increased in some times volume of products for state defence orders. In august 2014 the Almaz Altey gets sanctions from EU and U.S.A. because of events at Ukraine. The author describes the company's future prospect.