«HiSHnik» - the crossplatform interactive chemistry problem book with free-constructed answers

«HiSHnik» is a software package, that allows to test chemistry knowledge of student group or individuals. It supports all stages of teaching activity: scheduling curriculum, developing and delivery problems to students, receiving and checking of solved problems, calculating of total grade. While solving a problem, a student can enter numbers, words, molecular and structural formulae, chemical equations as solutions. Using a dialog graph allows an author of the problem to determine program reaction to a student’s answer, making an educational dialog with the student. An electronic problem book was developed based on the software package, that contains 1650 problems of various difficulty on all themes of school chemistry curriculum, including problems for basic, specialized and advanced teaching level of chemistry and also chemistry Olympic-level problems. The problem book meets the requirements defined by Russian Federation educational standard. The software package works on any device with Windows or Android operational systems and provide access to educational resources via the Internet.

Keywords: dialog graph, electronic problem book, chemistry school education, Android, Internet